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Pet Angels

All Dogs go to heaven. Well, so do all pets. A great memorial for your beloved pet or wonderful way to showcase your living angel (or devil! Yes, we'll do that too!) Each piece is designed around your personal photo. Check out our Pet Angels gallery for more pets that earned their wings.


Below you will find an estimated pricing structure for most photos; this price includes up to 4 colors. On average, this item takes approximately 5-7 days to produce.

5” - $30
7” - $35
9” - $40
11" - $45

Email to request a quote.

Plese include the following information in your request:

  • The photo you would like to use

  • A size

  • Any other pertinant info about how you would like the item to look

  • The date you need the item by. Please note this is a hand painted item on average it takes 5-7 days to produce, During our busy season it can take longer. If ordering for the holidays ORDER EARLY!!

Pet Angel Memorial Art
Pet Angel Memorial Art
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